We assist widows and the aged by providing the following:

  • Foodstuff
  • Medical care (in partnership with some hospitals)
  • Nannies/caregivers
  • Financial aid
  • Children’s school needs
Report card (Extracts)
  • We provided some of the aged with nannies/caregivers who cooked their meals, cared for their hygiene, and kept them company. We provided foodstuff weekly, paid their medical bills, paid the salaries of the nannies/caregivers, bought clothes and brought joy. One of our aged under care died a contented and happy man
  • A young lady was suddenly widowed (her husband slumped and died before they could get him to the hospital). They had 4 children – the last child was just a few months old. For several years, we supported the lady and her children monthly with foodstuff, school needs, etc
  • A lady with 3 children lost her husband to a fatal car accident. We assisted the family for several years with foodstuff, clothing, school needs as well as emotional support