Timeless Charity Exhibition

Timeless… is a photo, design & art charity exhibition. It is organised to raise money for the 9 orphanages/hospices we support. We have held so far 4 exhibitions (the 1st event was in 2005). We invited the families, friends and clients of Alder Consulting to this exhibition. Alder Consulting has donated millions of naira (tens of thousands of dollars) towards organising these events. Alder bears the total costs of organising the events: event materials (informational brochures on the orphanages, invitation cards, pledge cards), refreshments, adverts, etc. ALL proceeds go directly to the orphanages. No admin fees are retained. The exhibition events started with the photographs of Mr Leke Alder. It later expanded to include the works of other artists who donated a percentage of sales proceeds to the orphanages.


Timeless had 2 main objectives:

  1. Raise money to finance feeding, clothing, scholarships & capital projects (classrooms, restrooms, furniture, etc) in orphanages/hospices
  2. Create a renewed awareness about the needs of children in orphanages/hospices

The 1st exhibition in the series featured framed photographs by Mr Leke Alder. The photographs were portraits of individuals we called ‘social ambassadors’ as well as photographs from various travel locations. Mr Leke Alder donated 100% of the proceeds to the orphanages/hospices.

The2nd event was a photo, art, furniture & architecture exhibition. The exhibitors were:

  • Leke Alder: Photographs (Locations: USA, Canada, England, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria & China) and furniture. He donated 100% of the proceeds
  • Kehinde Sanwo: Art (Paintings and drawings). He donated 80% of the proceeds
  • Odun Orimolade: Art (Paintings and drawings). She donated 80% of the proceeds
  • Mike Mogo: Architecture. He donated all his architectural designs

The 3rd & 4th events were a photo, furniture & architecture exhibition. The exhibitors were:

  • Leke Alder: Photographs (Locations: France, Spain & Italy) and furniture. He donated 100% of the proceeds
  • Mike Mogo: Architecture. He donated all his architectural designs

Achievements Through the exhibition we have been able to achieve the following:

  1. Create a renewed & ongoing awareness that children in orphanages/hospices need our constant assistance
  2. Link orphanages directly with donors and volunteers
  3. From the funds raised through the exhibitions and matching grants from Alder, we have been able to help orphanages/hospices in the following ways:
  • Payment of medical and surgical bills: A 4-month old baby had a hole in her heart and needed corrective heart surgery abroad. We were able to donate money towards the surgery
  • Cash donations towards capital projects (furniture, building projects)
  • Generators
  • Computers, education grants (for school fees, examination fees, etc), toys (educational & play toys), sewing machines, radio cassette recorders, scissors, projectors and projector screen
  • Food items (Rice, beans, garri, noodles, vegetable oil, palm oil), beverages, party packs
  • Electrical appliances
  • Telephones & airtime
  • Toiletries, detergent, insecticide and disinfectant

Feedback from guests & donors

  • This is really touching and I am close to tears. The art work is deep. The objective even deeper
  • This is really impressive. Good to know some people can think of such ideas to bring kind hearted people together to touch the lives of others. Not surprised anyway, isn’t it Alder?
  • Excellent, stimulating and in a nice atmosphere
  • Thoughtful event. Keep up the good work – both for the nation and the orphans
  • It ministered to me the extent we should go to help the less privileged
  • Impressive, thoughtful, insightful & worthy of encouragement
  • This is truly a noble and admirable initiative. Keep it up
  • I wish more establishments have things like this going on. Thanks for letting us share in your vision
  • Wonderful is barely sufficient to describe how much being at the event meant to me
  • The art works are unique. The exhibition was a success. A raw display of creativity. Nothing is as great as helping others. I strongly believe in this cause
  • Congrats for all the beautiful things put together. As you put smiles on the faces of the needy and less privilege, I pray that the Lord will add colour to your lives and bless your organisation
  • ‘Timeless’ is an experience that time will not take away from me
  • The concept is great. I share and support this passion of yours to do good
  • I know that a lot was put into the organization of this event – the end result is BEAUTIFUL
  • It was most inspiring