I am a father. I gave birth to a lovely girl, now grown into a young lady. It is inconceivable that a beast in male format will date her and turn her into a punching bag. No father conceives that, and it shouldn’t happen in the modern world. Yet women are being pulverised by mean fists wielded by mean men daily.

Violence against women is culturally accepted in Africa. One generation of wife beaters trains the next generation of wife beaters who practice by punching up their girlfriends. That the tradition has persisted to this day, in this age, is a blight on our collective morality.

My foundation – The Leke Alder Foundation has therefore picked up the gauntlet. With well meaning people the world over. We can halt this cultural scourge.

I started a campaign on Twitter against the barbaric custom and the moral majority trended the hashtag #StopWomenBashing.

Most disturbing are the excuses for justification posted by some men on Twitter. Fortunately they are a neglible percentile. “What if she challenges you in public; self defence?” they ask. My simple reply is, “The gentlemanly thing to do is walk away!” I’m amazed at the reasoning behind such questions. It’s a pugilistic stance and it invariably gives birth to violence against women.
It is at once a loaded question and a wound up spring ready to unleash a fuselage of violence at the slightest provocation. It’s almost like storing up bitterness as potential fuel for barbaric opportunities.

And then there are those who sought to start a counter campaign against the campaign against women bashing. How about women bashing men “too?” they ask. Again the reasoning betrays moral outrageousness. It’s as if we’ve enterred a mileau of the battle of the sexes.  Justifications are being created for the inexcusable, as if a wrong justifies a wrong. There can be no righteousness in women bashing.

A woman is the wellspring of soceity; an incubator of futures. It’s unconscionable that she’ll give birth to creatures who turn upon her gender – men she birthed in pain and blood. As long as we don’t teach our boys to respect womanhood (not just women) there will be gang rapes, women bashing, woman suppression, oppression and civil distortion. Gentlemen are bred not born!
I am lending my voice, talents and influence to the ending of this moral outrage – this shaming of our continent. Violence against women is the demonic issue confronting our generation. It’s the news from India, from Nigeria, from America, from Kazakhstan and Everywhere. We have a pandemic.

It’s high time the issue became a topic and a header in our social construct. No more black eyes for women. No more sungshades of shame and despair. No more gashes. No to the pumelling of the spirit. No to vengeance against womanhood. If you don’t say “No!” the next woman with a wired jaw in the hospital might just be your sister, or your daughter. Will you join the Campaign?

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