Our Social Rehabilitation project is geared towards youth development and reorientation.
Through this project, we work with faith-based organisations to do the following:

  • Every month, since October 2011, we financially support the soup kitchen arm of God Bless Nigeria Church, an organisation committed to the rehabilitation of drug addicts, ‘area boys’, prostitutes, etc. Our support ensures that every Sunday at least 800 people are served breakfast (Lunch on the last Sunday of the month).
  • Career counsel & life direction to ‘inner city’ kids
  • Education grants (school & examination fees)
  • Housing
  • Business support
  • Payment of medical bills

Report card (Extracts)

  • We have provided over 55,000 meals to the drug addicts, ‘area boys’ and prostitutes being rehabilitated by God Bless Nigeria Church
  • We paid the school fees for several students
  • We paid the medical bills of several people
  • We paid the house rent of several individuals