For the past 7 years, we have supported the following orphanages/hospices:

  1. SOS Children’s Village(click for a brief profile)
  2. Little Saints Orphanage (click for a brief profile)
  3. The Arrows of God Orphanage (click for a brief profile)
  4. Ijamido Children’s Home (click for a brief profile)
  5. Hearts of Gold Children’s Hospice (click for a brief profile)
  6. Beth Torrey Home (click for a brief profile)
  7. Modupe Cole Memorial Child Care & Treatment Home (click for a brief profile)
  8. Lagos Cheshire Home (click for a brief profile)
  9. Daughters of Divine Love Motherless Babies Home (click for a brief profile)

We do the following for the orphanages/hospices on an ongoing basis:

  • We support capital projects
  • We support the children’s educational needs
  • We donate towards medical expenses
  • We also donate the following:
    • Epileptic protective headgears
    • Furniture
    • Foodstuff (Rice, beans, garri, yams, palm oil, vegetable oil, tinned tomatoes,
      noodles, etc)
    • Mattresses, pillows
    • Baby feeding bottles and baby food (Isomil, NANS, Nutrend, SMA Gold)
    • Cloth nappies, baby wipes, children’s clothes and teenage foot wears
    • Tea, chocolate beverages, liquid & powdered milk, cereal, sugar
    • Toiletries, disinfectant, detergent
    • Writing materials (Biros, notebooks, pencils, crayons, etc)
Report card (Extracts)
  • When we visited one of the orphanages for the first time, there were 65 children in residence but only 2 cups of rice left. Our gifts and foodstuff were timely
  • One of the orphanages was in need of epileptic protective headgears for the children. These headgears were not available in Nigeria. We bought them in America and donated them to the orphanage
  • We have been able to help parents find admission for their children in one of the special needs homes
  • We put donors and volunteers in direct contact with the orphanages