#NOVUS – a business development Twitter novel


It’s unimaginable that #NOVUS is FREE! Yet it is!

It all started as a creative challenge I dreamed up. I wanted to write an entire novel on my phone, to be published on Twitter.

I wrote a chapter a day and edited in real time as I uploaded on Twitter. Quite a challenge it turned out. You have to write in interconnected verses which make individual sense. I wanted to make business knowledge entertaining & fun and teach entrepreneurship. And that was how #NOVUS came about! It is an exploration of the goings on in the head of a young entrepreneur. It doesn’t hurt that he has a rather beautiful girlfriend.

And the reaction to #NOVUS astounded all of us at Alder Consulting! In February 2013, bits and pieces of #NOVUS had reached a million people!

It is my hope and desire that those people plus other millions who will download this eBook version have a HEART OF COMPASSION towards ORPHANS. We have gone to great pains to create this beautiful eBook edition TO RAISE MONEY for the 9 ORPHANAGES supported by my foundation – LEKE ALDER FOUNDATION. Please donate as you download.

I’ll be posting how much we raise on my Twitter page (@Leke_Alder), Facebook (Leke Alder) and on this site. The list of donors will also be displayed on this website, though you can donate anonymously.

Thank you as you donate. May the good Lord show you mercy.

Leke Alder
April 2013

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