This is our grass-to-grace project for families that have run out of luck, are impoverished and homeless. We provide these families with fully furnished apartments to help them restart life.

We do the following:

  • We pay house rent (sometimes up to 2 years)
  • We provide electronics, generators, provisions, foodstuff, home appliances, furniture, etc
  • We give monthly financial aid (where needful)

Report card (Extracts)

  • A family of 6 had been separated for over 15 years due to misfortune. The children were able to raise money to rent a 2-bedroom apartment to reunite their parents but they asked for our assistance to furnish it. We kitted the apartment with the following: Furniture (sitting room, bedrooms & dining area), television, sound system, refrigerator, home appliances, stabilizers, curtains, clothing, food stuff, kitchen wares, mattresses, toiletries, etcFor over 2 years, we sent money to the family monthly to help with foodstuff and other household expenses
  • A family of 7 was living in a run-down area. We rented a 3-bedroom apartment for them and furnished it with everything needed: Furniture (sitting room, bedrooms & dining area), kitchen wares, toiletries, television, sound system, curtains, refrigerator, generator, wall to wall carpet, food stuff, home appliances, stabilizers, etc.
    We also provided borehole water with water tank and pumping machine. All the family needed to do was move inThe parents had health challenges – diabetes, heart condition and hypertension. We paid for drugs for over 2 years. We also renewed the house rent after the initial 2 years expired
  • We heard about a lady that was approaching 50 but had been squatting with others for decades. She got a place and we were able to finance the balance on the house rent. Today she lives on her own
    A widow started a Shelter Foundation to support other widows. We were able to financially contribute to the Foundation