We have been able to assist individuals & families in the following ways:

    • Payment of clinical surgeries (Kidney transplant, corrective heart surgery, etc)
    • Payment of dialysis sessions
    • Payment of medical bills
    • Payment of prescription drugs (for the treatment of Tuberculosis, Hypertension, Diabetes, etc)
    • Payment for medical tests/checkups, X-rays, eye glasses, hearing aids, etc

Report card (Extracts)

  • A 12-year old boy had undergone surgery but was not discharged because his parents could not pay the outstanding medical bill. We were able to pay the outstanding sum
  • We paid for dialysis sessions for a gentleman. We also gave money towards his kidney transplant surgery abroad and paid for the ticket of the doctor that accompanied him
  • A 5-year old had a defect in her heart and needed surgery. We gave money towards the surgery
  • A lady had to undergo an operation for ovarian cyst but could not raise the full amount needed. We were able to pay part of the amount required for the surgery
  • A 3-year old had a hearing problem. We gave money towards the purchase of a hearing aid, among other things