Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who funds the activities and projects of Leke Alder Foundation?

Since inception 15 years ago, all the major activities and projects of Leke Alder Foundation were funded SOLELY by Alder Consulting, a strategy and branding corporation ( Alder Consulting also makes donations to other foundations and projects.

Our charity exhibition, Timeless... (exclusively sponsored by Alder Consulting), gives the 9 orphanages we support the platform to benefit from the benevolence of other organisations and kind hearted individuals. (Please click here for more information on the Timeless Charity Exhibition).

Starting from April 25, 2013, we are providing an opportunity for other individuals and organisations to reach out to help the poor on other programmes of the Foundation. The ongoing support from Alder Consulting will however continue.

2. Does the Foundation give all the monies raised to orphanages or does it retain a percentage for admin expenses?

Leke Alder Foundation does not retain any percentage of the monies.

100% of all funds received on behalf of orphanages goes to the orphanages.

Alder Consulting takes care of all our financial, admin and personnel expenses.

3. How do you come across the needs or causes you support?

3 ways:

The people and organizations we know refer individuals to us for assistance People in need approach us directly We also identify needs and causes we will like to support There is a section on our website for requests. Please click here to send your requests or email

Note however that requests are attended on a strict guideline basis as there are always divided resources.

We do not receive requests at our office. All requests must be processed online or via email.

4. How do you determine the cause or need to support?

Our funds and resources are limited even though our mission is broad and our project scope wide. As such our team carefully examines each request to determine the most critical and impactful.

We also determine if the person has access to other sources of funds. Our funds are administered on a scale of disadvantage.

5. What do you fund/support?

We fund and support requests related to health, education, housing, orphanages, widows, the aged, daily-sales-based businesses and rehabilitation of drug addicts & sex workers.

6. What do you NOT fund?

We receive a lot of requests that do not fall within our mission scope.

We do not fund:

  • Political activities
  • Loan repayment
  • We do not receive requests for assistance for business ideas and inventions
  • Businesses that are not daily-sales based or make a turnover above N75,000 per month. We do not receive or fund business plans
  • Vehicle purchases
  • Conferences, seminars, etc
For more information, click here for our mission statement and click here for our project scope.

7. How do you verify requests?

Since inception 15 years ago up until April 2013, the requests received have been mostly through referrals by people and organisations known to us. This made the process of verification of authenticity of need and judicious use of funds easy.

But we have a team that examines each request to narrow down to the ones we can treat. The team contacts the individuals if more information or further clarification is required. We investigate to ascertain that there is a genuine need and a serious lack of funds on the part of individuals applying for help.

We also work closely with expert consultants to arrive at informed decisions. In most cases, we do not give the money directly to the individuals. For example, if it is a housing need, we pay for the accommodation directly through a competent Estate Agent or Realtor. If it is a health challenge, we pay directly to the hospital.

8. How do I detect or report a scam?

Carefully note our authentic information below:

Our official website is Our affiliate websites are:

Our official email addresses are:

The contact details for members of our Board of Trustees are: Mr Leke Alder: Taiwo Omole: Subomi Plumptre:

Our official social media platforms are: Twitter: @AlderFoundation Facebook: Leke Alder Foundation

Our affiliate social media platforms are: Twitter: @alderconsulting, @Leke_Alder Facebook: Alder Consulting, Leke Alder

[Always check our official website to verify if there are any changes to the above mentioned websites, email addresses and social media platforms. If you are registered for our newsletter, you will get direct notifications from us].

Always ensure that you carefully check the email address a mail orginated from to ascertain whether it is from the Foundation or not.

We will ALWAYS post all the requests we receive for assistance on our website. Click here If we have any urgent request, we will send you an email directing you to the needs page on our website. Click here.

We will NEVER send an email requesting for your bank/financial details, PIN or password. Neither will we ever ask for handling or administrative fees for sending us your requests.

If you receive any email or communication that you are not comfortable with or that seems suspicious, forward the email to and you will get a response from us within 48 hours.

If you receive any phishing* email or email fraud seemingly in the name of Leke Alder Foundation or any website claiming to be associated with the Foundation, we will like you to send a copy of the email and the URL of the website to

Even if the website contains our logo, photographs, or any other information that might have been taken directly from our official web site,, please send the URL of the suspicious website to

The Foundation will make every effort to alert you of frauds & scams that come to our attention. But we cannot do it without your help and vigilance.

We advise you to regularly log on to our site for updates.

*Phishing is the act of attempting to acquire information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details (and sometimes, indirectly, money) by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. Communications purporting to be from popular social websites, auction sites, online payment processors or IT administrators are commonly used to lure the unsuspecting public. (Source:
1.How do I get placement for my child into one of the special needs orphanages?

We try as much as we can to help parents with special needs children get a place in the orphanages equipped to take care of their children. Some of the special needs orphanages actually have children on their waiting list.

You can send an email to or click here to fill a form online.

Our team will review your requests and contact one of the orphanages on your behalf to schedule an appointment for the orphanage to assess your child. After the expert assessment by the orphanage, the consultants to the orphanage will give a recommendation on whether the child can be adequately taken care of at home by the parents or if the child needs the specialised care of the orphanage.

You will of course be expected to visit the orphanage prior to the assessment to confirm that you are comfortable with leaving your child in their care.

The orphanages expect that you will be actively involved in the care of your child. You are not allowed to abandon your child.

2. I have a financial need. How do I apply for assistance?

The process is straightforward but NOTE that our funds are limited. This means that we can only support as much as our funds can accommodate at any point in time. We cannot meet all needs. We evaluate based on the Foundation’s mission, project scope, funds available and the imminence of the need.

Before sending your request, familiarise yourself with our Foundation’s priorities. Please click here.

We will not fund requests that do not fall within the scope of what we do.

You may send an email to or simply fill a form online. Click here to access the form.

You will be required to provide your name, contact information, your profile (not more than 40 characters. We just need to know more about you), support area (health, education, housing, etc), a brief description of your request (not more than 150 words) and the estimated amount needed. You will be able to attach supporting documents (Ensure that the documents are labelled based on the name you provided. E.g. if your name is Segun Aina, the document should be labelled Segun Aina. This way we can easily match the documents to your request. Do not send us your business plans, concept papers or any technical documents).

Please be concise. Be honest.

Our team will carefully review your request and decide on the next line of action. If further information or clarification is required, you will be contacted. Our team also consults with experts in various fields to evaluate the request and give expert advice on the request area, cost, etc.

During the review period, our team will determine if we have sufficient funds available to undertake the request.

Our team will investigate further to verify the authenticity of the need. This usually takes about 2 weeks. Note however that this period is shortened to a week for health related requests.

Once the team arrives at a decision, an official email will be sent to you informing you of our decision to assist or otherwise. It is our desire to help all but this is impossible. As such, we consider the urgency of a need to determine the priority we will give to it vis-à-vis other competing requests.

If we decide to fund the request, one of our officials will contact you via email. If we are not able to give you the full amount requested for, we will notify you of what we are able to do but we will not release the funds until we have proof that you have raised the balance you need. This way we do not tie up funds and in turn you are not pressured to divert the funds to other areas.

Note however that the money may not be given to you directly. For example, if it is a health challenge, the money will be paid to the hospital. If it is house rent, you will be required to work with our estate agents except in instances of rent renewal, in which case we will pay directly to the landlord. If it is business equipment that is needed, we will purchase it and donate to your business.

We strive to close a case within a 4-week timeframe at the most. But in some cases it may take longer than 4 weeks, depending on the quantity of requests we are handling at any point in time. If we are unable to help, we will communicate this to you as soon as we can.

We do all due diligence so people do not take advantage of the Foundation. We want to ensure that there is indeed a geniune need and that funds provided will not be diverted to other uses.

If the Foundation grants you the funds to meet your need, you will be required to sign a document agreeing to our grant conditions. You will also sign a document acknowledging receipt of the grant given.

We will require you to give us permission to publish the transaction on our website, social media platforms and other platforms not yet determined. We may also like you to post your testimonials on our website. This gives our donors confidence that we are making judicious use of the funds and meeting genuine needs. If there is anything you are not clear about, please send an email to

Please be advised NOT to send false information or attempt to defraud the Foundation. False information disqualifies genuine needs. If we discover that you falsified any information or inflated the amount requested or connived with others to defraud the Foundation, you and the persons or organisations that vouched for you will be blacklisted and your information may be forwarded to relevant authorities.

3. How long after making a request will I get a response?

We will acknowledge your request within 24-48 hours of receiving it.

If your request does not fall in line with our mission and set objectives or project scope, we will inform you within 48 hours.

If the request is health related, we will inform you in a week if we are able to assist or not. Others will be notified of our decision 2 weeks after we receive the request.

4. Is there a deadline or a period for submitting requests?

There’s no deadline for submitting your requests. We are available all year round except weekends and public holidays.

5. Will I be required to sign any document before and after I am given a grant?

Yes you will be required to sign the following documents before and after the Foundation grants you the funds:

Before disbursement: If the Foundation grants you the funds to meet your need, you will be required to sign a document agreeing to our grant conditions.

After disbursement: You will sign a document acknowledging receipt of the grant given.

We will require you to give us permission to publish the transaction on our website, social media platforms and other platforms not yet determined. We may also like you to post your testimonials on our website.

1. How can I become a donor?

Our giving and activities are undergirded by humaneness and our desire to help the poor and the unfortunate. Opportunities to be a donor can be found here. You may donate whatever amount you want to donate. Please visit the link and register your interest to join us to help orphanages, the poor and disadvantaged. We will contact you once there is a need.

2. I will like to ‘Adopt a Project’. What is the procedure?

The procedure is simple. 3. I will like to ‘Adopt an Orphanage’. What is the procedure?

The procedure is simple.
  • Click here to learn about the 9 orphanages supported by the Leke Alder Foundation
  • Click here to see the needs of the orphanages
  • Click here to register your interest. It’s a short form. Briefly explain what you will like to do.
We will review your offer and contact the orphanage of your intent. If you want us to manage your giving, we will. If you want to be in direct contact with the orphanages, we will notify the orphanages.

4. What happens when I volunteer at an orphanage?

When you volunteer at an orphanage, you will play with the children, help with domestic chores and other things under the supervision of the staff.
  • Click here to learn more about the 9 orphanages supported by Leke Alder Foundation.
  • Click here to register your interest. It’s a short form. Briefly explain what you will like to do and the date & time you will be available.
We will review your offer and contact the orphanage of your interest.