There are three things I am passionate about in life – three things I’ve devoted my energy to: Creating opportunity for the disadvantaged, restoration for the down & out, and giving of hope to the hopeless.

These three, are the philosophical underpinnings of Leke Alder Foundation. Of late, I have added another cause – protection of women from violence and abuse. This is a crusade and it is ongoing.

Leke Alder Foundation not only finances these passions (through educational scholarships, funding of organ transplants, rehabilitation of families, support for orphanages, commitment of funds to rehabilitation of drug addicts and sex workers etc); we are particular about raising awareness about the plight of others – to make us human, and responsive to our neighbours. Your neighbour is not only the un-opportuned, he is also the dis-opportuned by the circumstances of life. We all need each other, some more than others.

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Fundraising for orphanages!

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Introducing the LA Partners Programme.

In 2013, Mr. Leke Alder began a series of advisory tweets to his mentees – men and women who follow him on social media and want to be mentored by him.

Those tweets metamorphosed into the Jack & Jil social media initiative and the #Letr2Jack & #Letr2Jil letter series focused on wholesome relationships.

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Leke Alder Foundation Campaign for the Protection of Women from Violence and Abuse.


PRINCIPAL DONOR Alder Consulting

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to the following individuals who donated in cash & kind to assist the 9 orphanages supported by Leke Alder Foundation:

Prince & Mrs Adedoyin
Mr & Mrs Femi Otedola
Mr Alex Okoh
Mr Abimbola Olashore
Mrs Reni Folawiyo

#NOVUS, the Leke Alder Business Development Twitter novel. You are encouraged to donate towards the needs of orphanages as you download. This eBook version of #NOVUS is a charity edition.